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Terms of Use

January 2017 edition

1. Scope of validity

1.1 Swisscom Directories Ltd. operates the website. The present special conditions govern the use of and must be read in conjunction with the general conditions of use.

2. Services of Swisscom Directories Ltd.

2.1 Content provides a timetable search with additional information functions (hereinafter services) available to users.

2.2 Rights of use for own purposes

Swisscom Directories Ltd. grants the user a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the services for his own purposes. This use does not entitle the user to grant sub-licences.

2.3 API access

Swisscom Directories Ltd. can make an access by interface (Application Pro-gramming Interface, API) available to the user for the use of

Swisscom Directories Ltd. reserves the right to block API access of a user at any time without prior announcement. For example, if the user breaches these conditions of use or exceeds a number of accesses defined by

Above a number of accesses defined by, may charge a fee for use via the API.

Swisscom Directories Ltd. can change the API at any point in time.

2.4 Quality

Swisscom Directories Ltd. endeavours to provide services which are as complete and topical as possible, but cannot give any guarantee in this regard.

3. Obligations of the user

3.1 Lawful use

The user undertakes to utilize the services offered on in an entirely lawful manner, having regard, in particular, to data protection legislation. The user notes that contents, information, presentations, designs and data for the services are protected by law.

4. Warranty and liability

4.1 All liability of Swisscom Directories Ltd. and its data suppliers in respect of the use of is excluded. Binding provisions of law are, however, reserved.